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Heejin Kim (aka Hidsch) | European Glass Context 2012
Flower power

Heejin Kim (aka Hidsch)

Do you see this pink world too?
We are living in a world, full of love, beauty and energy.
But most people don’t realize what a beautiful world they are living in. Sadly.
Even I sometimes forget this fact as well, I’m always trying to remind myself about this by spreading my thought.
Moreover it also helps me make others become aware of this ununconscious happiness.

Flower power

1988 South Korea

University of Applied Arts, Vienna, AT
Fine Arts

Image info: 

Painted with glasscolours on glass, fired, sunglasses and t-shirt
65 x 110 cm

Flower Power
Painted with glasscolours on glass, fired,
28 x 19x 32 cm

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